Free Dina’s Art

7 Little Pieces of Paper

The Subject – 7 Little Pieces of Paper

The subject of this exercise in human decency,  is a small collection of original works of art, (7 water-colour portraits) made at one of the lowest points in the history of humanity, at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp during the early 1940s. The artworks still exist, and the artist is still alive, 65 and more years after they were made. But the two are not yet together.

The artist’s name is Dina Babbitt. She had the cruel distinction of being an artist in residence, and  ‘guest’ of Dr Joseph Mengele,  at Auschwitz. Dina Babbitt’s story is told in detail at her web site,  here.

When you have followed that link, you will see that Dina Babbitt’s story is not over yet…

The act of making those works of art was Dina Babbitt’s sole means of staying alive and of saving her mother’s life.

This fact alone imbues these objects with an immediate human cultural value that transcends any instutional or governmental consideration.


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