Free Dina’s Art

The Obstacle

The Obstacle – Josef Mengele’s Ethical Legacy

The temporary obstacle to achieving a just and righteous end, is that the Auschwitz Museum (a United Nations World Heritage Site, by-the-by) has possession of the artworks in question, and claims a greater right than the artist to full custody, intending not to relinquish them.

The Auschwitz Museum asked Dina Babbitt to authenticate the paintings in 1973,  so there is no question of their authenticity, nor of the Auschwitz Museum’s knowledge of their origins and provenance.

Nor is there question of the Museum’s awareness of Dina Babbitt’s rightful claim to her collection.

They did, and continue to, refuse to restore the paintings to Dina however, and that’s not just wrong, it’s actively evil.


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