Free Dina’s Art

The Tack

An Angry Flame – “How May I Insult You?”

My initial reaction to learning the details of Dina Babbitt’s story, was to fire off an angry flame to the Auschwitz Museum complaints department without waiting the prudent 24 hours. I do not regret having sent it so quickly except that the grammar could have been more smoothly barbed, and I might have been a little less righteous  in my approach. However, it was an initial reaction and was at least flat-out honest if not a fine example of tact and discretion. I continue to stand by its cruel comparisons as both valid and deserved.

I also looked up Dina Babbitt on Facebook, but couldn’t  find her.  So, I started up the Facebook group Free Dina’s Art, and many people quickly joined. It’s still growing, in fact. I later got a very kind note from Dina’s daughter thanking me for the effort. And I learned that the Facebook group (over 300 strong) is called Return Dina Babbitt’s Paintings.

I heartily urge every decent friend and stranger to join both groups, to follow this story, and most importantly, to write a polite letter to the Auschwitz Museum letting them know where YOU stand on the matter. (The museum is withholding Dina’s paintings to benefit you, the public.) Let them know that you understand the details and that you, and the world, are watching.


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