Free Dina’s Art

The Angry Flame

Sirs, Your actions mock your words…

This letter was my initial reaction to hearing that the museum believes it should keep custody of Dina’s paintings because they are too important for her to possess except as copies. I haven’t had a response yet, but in fairness, they haven’t had much time to cobble together a box of obfuscatory euphemisms for me.

[Sent January 1. 2009]

“To Whom It May Concern at the Auschwitz Museum,

Do you believe that you deserve to be congratulated for your work at Auschwitz?  Sadly, I do not.

As long as Dina Babbitt is refused the right to her possessions, the work of Dr Mengele and his associates continues to thrive.

It is the contemporary administration of the Auschwitz museum that is continuing his work. How can any rational human being not see that? Just as Mengele refused to recognize her humanity and the rights inherent to that humanity, so do you when you refuse to return her possessions.

By refusing to return the works of Dina Babbitt, (even though you do not display the actual pieces, but reproductions), you are in fact and in deed continuing the work of Dr Mengele and his associates under the guise of some ‘greater good’ for society. But wasn’t that Hitler’s rationale in the first place?

I am very sad to learn that the work started in Auschwitz, by that evil regime,  has not been completely eradicated. It will not be eradicated until the prisoners of Auschwitz have their human rights returned.

You, as administrators of the Auschwitz Museum, have it within your power to defeat Mengele and the Nazi Regime right now, today. All you need do is return Dina Babbitt’s work to her.

Please, in your response to this letter, help me to understand how you can take this indefensible position without feeling the warmth of Dr Mengele’s approving smile in your own hearts.

Very sincerely yours, I await your reply,

and I signed it.

I think in future I will be less strident with the nice folks at the Museum. I’m sure when these folks were children and someone asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, none of them answered, “An enforcer of callous regulations that disregard human rights and dignity.” Still that is what they have! become, and it’s just not right.

And I’m not the only one who says so.


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