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Oprah? Is that you?
January 13, 2009, 4:04 pm
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Today I notice with some optimism, that our ClustrMap over on the side there, shows a brand new dot representing 1 – 10 views from Chicago, Illinois. I sure hope that’s Oprah Winfrey peeking in! Wouldn’t it be swell if Oprah knew about Dina Babbitt’s struggle?

If Oprah decided that Human Decency and Honour out-trump Curatorial Officialdom and the importance of turning someone else’s personal anguish into institutional profit, well, I’ll bet our message would reach a heck of a lot more ears and eyes than it will ever see from this sad little corner of the Internet. I’ll bet too, that Oprah could make a lot of important officials  sit up and take notice – and actually do! something besides obfuscate and try to weasel around the facts.

I actually submitted Dina’s story to the site last night as a show idea, but I must confess it is! just a tad overly-optimistic to imagine Oprah Winfrey sitting hunched over her computer all night long with a big cup of coffee and a bag of Cheesy-Poofs, squinting into dozens of wordpress blogs and looking for injustices to battle. I’ll bet she gets thousands of submissions every single day.

I have seen her do some remarkable things though, and Dina Babbitt could sure use some powerful help right about now.  But if Oprah isn’t! on side yet, we’re still going to need a lot more eyes and ears to cast themselves over at that Museum and at the ICOM Code of Ethics (q.v.) to see what’s going on, and maybe to help fix it.

So, for a while at least, it’s still up to you and me, and a lot of other as yet unmet friends, to make sure that word does get out and is disseminated to as many decent people as possible. I still believe that the power of ordinary decency can stop the powers of commercial ambition and indifference to human suffering from ruining one person’s ‘golden years’ any further.

So even if you’re too shy or inhibited to write a letter or waggle your finger in the face of obstinate authority, do, at least, tell someone you know about and about this site. Do it especially if you have friends who are Decency Activists. I’m prepared to rage and harangue for as long as it takes and I’m counting on just a few more goofy idealists to help with that.

In fact, here’s a fne starting point: if you are that new dot from the Windy City, and you’re not Oprah, well you are in her area code. How about giving her a jingle and letting her know about this? I’m convinced our cause could benefit enormously from just a small handful of the Power of Oprah!


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