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300 Views in 10 Days
January 16, 2009, 6:49 pm
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Sometime after 8:23 a.m. Eastern Time today, the 300th viewer learned about Dina’s art and why its return to the artist is so important. Perhaps not every view has resulted in a letter to the current Auschwitz Concentration Camp Administrators, or to the International Council of Museums’ Ethics Committee, but several have, and every single letter helps.

As Dina’s health fades, it becomes increasingly important that the works be returned to her sooner rather than later. I have no doubt that the Museum is hoping that this problem will solve itself in due course.

What the Auschwitz-Birkenau Death Camp is doing to Dina Babbitt in 2009 is, they claim, in the interests of World Heritage. Sadly, “World Heritage” in this case, is just a euphemism for, “Millions stand behind me!” Haven’t we heard that phrase somewhere before?

Knowing that the originals are kept in a vault at Auschwitz while only copies are displayed, makes this whole matter even more poignant in the bitterness of its irony.

Mrs Babbitt is, in mid-Jan. 2009, fighting cancer and the ill-health related to its treatment. She may be losing her battle for life, but will Society allow the modern Auschwitz Custodians to cause her to lose the battle for human respect and dignity as well? Will they continue her humiliation right up to the very doors of death? We need more human decency in this world.

I hope the modern day Custodians of Auschwitz will return her paintings while she can still appreciate them because no living person on this planet can understand and value those portraits in the way that Dina Babbitt does.


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Words are inadequate to express the sincere gratitude we feel for those of you who take the time to fight for the basic human rights of artists. Personally, our family’s faith in humanity is restored in increments every time someone shows us that they care.
we love you and thank you for trying to help us end the torture of one small lady.

Comment by Karin Babbitt

shown me how to live my life. thank you

Comment by lisbeth west

It is unfair that Dina was subjected to the horrors of the concentration camp (along with millions of other Jews); it is also unfair that those in possession of the art, lay claim to the work that she was coerced into producing with the gift of her artistry. May she live to see the day that the items that stir her soul, even today, are returned to her!

Comment by writeasrain

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