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Off to the Rages…

Technical Note:, the fine folks who host these pages for free, publish a daily list of  ‘Growing Blogs”, those that gained the most popularity recently.

In approximately 9 hours, the readership at Free Dina’s Art has grown by 850% – from tens of hits to hundreds; it would appear that Active Decency is enjoying the support of more people, and more quickly, than one might have thought, and important people with strong voices at that.

This has grown from a small special interest site, to #13 out of 100 popular blogs in readership increase. Thank you very much, decent people. (You know who you are! `(;) Keep spreading the word.

We interrupt this shameless self-promotion to return you to our flaming indignation, already in progress…

It has now been 17 days since the beginning of this exercise and Angry Flame #1 to our friends at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. (If 35 years is long enough to figure out they have a problem, then 17 days is long enough to ignore a letter identifying that problem.)

The next logical step is to go to over their heads, although frankly, it is easy to believe that anything involving ethics would be well over the heads of some bureaucrats.

So, fire up the monitor, dust off the umbrage machine and let’s see if the people at the International Council of Museums’ Ethics Committee will make a distinction between Mengele’s Morals and Modern Mores.

Admittedly, it still seems a tad hasty to publish this letter before it has been received by its principal addressees, however, indignation is a difficult monster to keep in check.

Morals are morals; if ICOM is truly serious about ‘Ethics’, then they will reach an ethical conclusion even if the person complaining is a tad boorish. The rudeness involved in sharing these concerns with interested parties should not hamper the Committee’s capacity to discern the difference between the millions who are claimed to stand behind the Auschwitz Imperative of ‘World Heritage’, and those who stand beside Dina Babbitt’s  claim to her birthright as a real and respect-worthy human being.

If you have viewed Dina’s video on YouTube, you will no doubt agree that her compassion and forbearance toward those who continue to oppress her are signs of a superior human spirit and simple human decency.  If even half of the world had Dina’s sense of understanding and kindness, there would be no more wars and hatred would wither and die.

But, alas, they don’t and so a second irate letter has been sent. This letter is accessible from the ‘pages’ box on the left.


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