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ICOM? Is that you?
January 19, 2009, 7:46 pm
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Six days ago, the post “Oprah? Is that you?” appeared here in an attempt to lighten up the tone of our very dark and heavy challenge. A common tactic of tyrants is to keep their victims in fear, despair and poverty in order to make them more easily controllable.

Sometimes a laugh can be a brick tossed through a high-up window in the wall  between despair and hope; so every now and then it’s okay to toss a brick, and let a little fresh air blow in, perhaps.

Well, today’s brick-toss is not to stir up a laugh, it is to demonstrate that Hope endures and that the ICOM Ethics Committee may well be the organization that restores respect for Dina Babbitt’s Human Rights along with her original Gypsy Portraits and many other peoples’ faith in the power of Active Decency.

The Oprah note came from one ‘ClustrMap’ dot in Chicago (over in the left column there, remember?) This hopeful note comes from several new dots in many far-flung corners of the globe.

I believe that the ICOM Ethics Committee has received the message and they are according it the serious consideration it has been denied for 35 long years. It would appear that the members of the ICOM Ethics Committee are sincerely interested.

Ethical Dots From Around the Globe - West

Ethical Dots From Around the Globe - West

To celebrate this hopeful turn of events, this site will, for the time being at least, follow the quietly courteous example set this morning by ICOM (and, since 1973 by Dina Babbitt herself). It will cease throwing cruelly accurate comparisons as if they were snowballs with rocks packed inside, at the tourist attraction in Oswiecim. This will allow some time for presumably honest people to conduct an honest investigation.

ICOM? For sure! that’s you. Thanks for coming. It’s  so good to see you’re here.


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It is truly hard to believe that you would restrain yourself from throwing funny and cutting words at misguided minds. But I suspect your reasoning is sound and applaud your restraint.

Keep up the good blogging!

Comment by Arthur

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