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The Next Human Step

The Auschwitz Museum’s arbitrary denial of Dina Babbitt’s right to physically possess her own property was referred to the ICOM Ethics Committee less than 24 hours prior to this writing. This is certainly not a reasonable amount of time after which to expect  a response from an important institutional organization. (Only human beings react quickly in an emergency.) And a response is not expected, yet.

But good people don’t procrastinate on important matters and, as you will see, there has been no procrastination at all on the part of ICOM in looking into the concerns that our combined clicks, letters and emails have brought to their attention.

With the help of our old pal ClustrMaps, over on the side there, we can trace recent hits to this site.

For 12 days hits have come primarily from Canada, the continental USA, France and Germany. Hits even increased 850% overnight, yet remained limited to only those of us who already recognize in our established “viewing area”,  the necessary actions concerning Dina Babbitt’s property and Human Rights.

Once ICOM became aware of our concerns,  (on the morning of Monday, Jan.19, 2009), our viewing area grew. The hits accessing this site’s information increased by at least one person from each city in which a member of the ICOM Ethics Committee resides, around the entire earth.

Ethical Dots East of Italy appeared within 12 hours of each other.

All dots east of Italy appeared within 12 hours of ICOM's notification.

There is now no question that the whole world (under the aegis of The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) IS aware of the very real concerns of Dina Babbitt and her supporters.

It even seems that Dina Babbitt’s Art (and her Human Rights) are of greater significance to the Ethics Committee after 12 hours, than they have been to the current ‘possessors’ of her art in the preceding 35 years.

These statistics offer of course, only circumstantial evidence of awareness, and even fewer hints of  evidence of concern. But the supporters of Dina Babbitt’s Human Rights Claim, would not be remiss in believing that some United Nations workers are now aware of the situation and are acting on that awareness. They have seen the Light of Truth shining into the darkened vaults of intransigent institutional convenience.

Whether they will now step out into the Light of Human Rights  is up to each individual on that committee.

Do YOU believe that Dina Babbitt’s Human Rights are worthy of universal respect?

Or, would you assert some personal right to gawk in a museum gallery, at the very artworks that Dina Gottliebova was forced to paint in a Death Camp in the spiritual pain of helpless compliance to the will of evil. Can any such claim supersede her Human Rights today?

You can email the ICOM Ethics Committee and tell them where you stand with a few clicks of your mouse. (cut and paste  –   It’s Jan. 20th, Yes you can!) You can tell them this:

Subject: Human Rights at Auschwitz Today

Dear Ethics Committee Members,

I am one of hundreds who stand beside Dina Babbitt. We know that you have now seen the evidence concerning Dina Babbitt’s Gypsy Portraits and her claim to rightful possession of the original artworks painted by her hand in the Auschwitz Death Camp.

Will you, as one Human Being, nurtured and raised by decent people, stand BESIDE me now in full and unconditional acquiescence to Dina Babbitt’s claim to Human Rights as defined under Article 17 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

Or, do you count yourself among the purported millions who stand behind Drs Piotr M.A. Cywinski and Josef Mengele, in supporting the claims of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum at Oswiecim?

You can answer my concerns with compassionate words of denial delivered in due course. Or you can answer my concerns with action. The choice is yours.

If you support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights –  Article 17, you know already that the best time to return Dina Babbitt’s Paintings is RIGHT  NOW, while she lives and can appreciate having them again.

Official paperwork can be completed in due course. Obdurate quasi-officials can be dragged into the light of reason and re-educated over time.

I would respectfully suggest that any further delay in their compliance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights should result in that museum’s having its World Heritage Status rescinded.

Human Rights cannot wait. The time is now.

Sincerely yours,


…and you can sign it…

But will you?

Please do.


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Signed and sent. Dina’s paintings will return to the hands which made them.

Comment by Edward Cherniga

Thank you Ed Cherniga! They certainly will. (Dina’s Video is available for viewing now at Ed’s blog; just click his name in the comment above to see it.)

Comment by Tim

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