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64 Years of Liberation?

January 27, 2009 marks 64 years of hypocrisy for the Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp. Festivities were held in the town of Oswiecim to celebrate the taking of the camp by Russian troops who found the few remaining prisoners, those who were too weak or sick to be included in the death march arranged by their captors.

Some people however, note that January 27th marks only 64 years of continuing disregard for the Human Rights of persons whose property is of greater value to political propagandists – those who sing a song of liberty, but dance the dance of institutional superiority over individual human rights.

How sad that one of the prisoners of that camp is still suffering from the policies that refuse to recognize her Human Rights. Maybe Auschwitz hasn’t been all that liberated after all. Amidst all the hoopla, remembrance,  and  fine-sounding hypocrisies of the politicians of Poland and the European Union, there is still one small, unheard voice that cries out for the recognition of her rights. On this 64th anniversary she remains abused by her persecutors and ignored by those in the thrall of their own self-congratulations.

When will Auschwitz truly be liberated? When the administrators of the Auschwitz State Museum finally liberate themselves from the unthinking need to steal from their former inmates in order to accomplish their own goals “for the good of society.” Only then, will they have a message worthy of passing on to the younger generations of the world. Until then, it’s just the same old Auschwitz with a new administration self-righteously insensitive to the rights and humanity of its victims.

Congratulations to you, Polish Culture Ministry and European Union. As one recent hero of freedom has said, “You’re doing a heck of a job!”


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Thank you for making me aware of this injustice being committed by the Auschwitz museum. I’d had no idea.

Comment by toranosuke

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