Free Dina’s Art

Polish Human Rights in Distress

Flying a nation’s flag upside down is an indication of distress. In the case of the Gypsy portraits by Dina Babbitt, Human Rights in Poland have been in distress for a long, long time.

Which prevails here, one person’s Human Rights, or an Institution’s ARBITRARY decision that it’s goals are more important than an individual’s human rights?

I am still awaiting an answer from the Auschwitz State Museum Director Doctor Piotr M.A. Cywiński to my letter of January 1, 2009. Professional behaviour would require a response within 28 days, mightn’t you think?

The I.C.O.M. Ethics Committee has had only 10 days so far, and I am prepared to allow them more time than usual since they have many members to consult, and Article 17 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is quite a long read, at 24 words in length, considering they have to make it clear enough for a “Doctor of Humanities” to understand.

The President of Poland,  Mr. Lech Kaczynski has had only 2 days to reply to my letter; he deserves at least 10, and probably more since he must be very busy lately celebrating the liberation of Auschwitz and the restoration of HUMAN RIGHTS to all  (except Dina Babbitt, of course.)  But then, the institution is far more important than any one person – including you, myself and prisoner #61016.


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