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Auschwitz, Is That You?
February 5, 2009, 9:20 pm
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Finally, thirty days after this blog started, a new dot has popped up on our ClustrMaps counter; our Flags counter has also shown a new viewer from Europe, from Poland in fact.



We have already seen how quickly ICOM responded to our urgings to look into the matter of Human Rights Violations by the current Auschwitz-Birkenau regime. Now, we may suppose from the ClustrMap dot centered on Oswiecim, Poland, that the good folks at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum have also seen our arguments.

Although those arguments have been very harsh and cruel to date, there is in these new dots, some evidence that ‘harsh and cruel’ will get attention when respectful politesse has been brushed aside for over 35 years.

I will be only too happy to remove all references to European Tourist Traps and Birkenau Bad Boys from this blog, and even to delete the whole blog itself, when I am sure the portraits are on their way home. That will happen when someone in a position of authority decides that the only right course of action at this time is to respect the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and to Free Dina’s Art .


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