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Still Waiting…

It’s been two weeks since ICOM got my last letter. While waiting patiently for a further response, I have discovered some other sites on the web dealing with holocaust art restitution and eastern European countries.

The two worst offenders, among East European nations withholding war art, are Poland and Czechoslovakia. Hardly surprising, is it? An article in the July 17, 2002 Chicago Tribune gives a more complete account of these countries’ recalcitrance when it comes to art restitution. and yet these countries are now members of NATO and enjoy some benefits from that membership.

Another interesting site, from an organization with a history of dealing in art restitution issues, is Sponsored by The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, this site is well worth exploring for the in depth information it contains.

And one last item on which we might inform ourselves, is the office of the United States Special Envoy on Holocaust Issues, an office held since 2006, by J. Christian Kennedy a career diplomat with some experience working in Poland and eastern Europe as well as around the globe. Perhaps Mr Kennedy’s term in office will see some changes of a far reaching nature. It certainly is time for change, especially when the countries most at odds with civilized conduct are the very ones seeking to enjoy the benefits of modern society.


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