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Another Anniversary

The fifth of May 2009 marked another anniversary for Dina Babbitt. It has now been 64 years since her physical freedom from the grip of the Third Reich was achieved. It remains an ongoing tragedy that her emotional imprisonment has not yet ended despite the relative ease with which this could be accomplished.

That of course, would be recognition of, and respect for her Human Rights  demonstrated by the immediate return of her property from the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum.

Her property, as a growing number of people already knows, consists of 7 watercolour portraits of Gypsy prisoners in the Auschwitz-Birkenau Death Camp in Poland. It is worth noting here, that although Polish President Lech Kaczynski protests loudly when an American broadcaster refers to Auschwitz as a ‘Polish’ camp, insisting vociferously that it was a ‘German’ camp, he has no problem at all with the Polish Government’s continuation of the Nazi Party’s weakness for failing to recognize Human Rights when it benefits him. We must never confuse the Polish political system with Nazism even when they shamelessly use Nazi logic to forward their own goals. This state-sanctioned hypocrisy says a great deal more about 21st Century Poland than does a minor slip of the pen elsewhere in the world.

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Dina’s daughter Karin Babbitt, has posted an update on her Mom to members of  the Facebook group Return Dina Babbitt’s Paintings.  (This is an open group, which means that anyone on Facebook can join.)  Part of that message is quoted here:

“Yesterday was the 64th anniversary of her liberation from Auschwitz. She asked for Chinese food. She ate a few mouthfuls of soup and a few bites of other things. It was the only food she has been able to eat all day.

In my classrooms, we tell her story and eat black bread and margarine to represent her first meal after the camps were abandoned.

On 5/5/45, they cautiously emerged from a bunker to find the camp deserted. While others ate, Dina climbed through a hole in the fence, found a blue bicycle and went for her first ride in years. She was 21.

Shortly after, an Italian immigrant rode up on a white farm horse and gave her a ride. She was so weak that she slipped to the underside of the belly. In true form, though, she didn’t let go.

Dina made her way back through the hole in the fence and found her mom, who was eating bread and margarine, getting sick from the shock of food, and trying to eat all over again. My grandmother screamed because she thought my mother had been shot. Dina had scratched her head on the cut wires of the fence and hadn’t realized it!

Today — take a bike ride, hop on a horse, savor some delicious bread. Paint a painting of someone you love and hang it wherever you chose. Enjoy your freedom.

We love you and are so grateful for your continued efforts on behalf of one little lady and artists everywhere!
— Karin Babbitt ”

I’m sure Dina Babbitt has the very best wishes of the hundreds who stand beside her, as we continue to agitate for the return of her Rights, her Dignity, and her property.

If you would care to speak out on this important issue, there is an online petition in the link at the upper left.


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I was with the 42ID in O4 and 05. Our motto was “Never Forget”. Same here!
George Wideman

Comment by George Wideman

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