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ICOM Isn’t Sleeping.
June 22, 2009, 1:15 pm
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In fewer than 12 hours, the director of ICOM’s Ethics Committee has responded to our last letter with an acknowledgment that can be taken as a reassurance that Dina’s concerns have not been brushed aside.

Although this is taking far more time than I like, it is important to know that when ICOM does make an official statement, we can trust that it will not have been a hastily crafted brush-off such as we have seen from the Museum itself.

While I feel a little “assertive” in pressing ICOM on this issue, time is becoming increasingly important here. I am confident that Dina’s patience over 36 years more than justifies my own impatience on her behalf.

The text of the director’s response follows:

Dear Mr Thibeault,

I thank you for, and acknowledge, your message today.

I am again re-checking my discussion and correspondence with various colleagues (within ICOM) about the latest state of our various museum colleagues’ thought on this very sensitive case, and the various actions ICOM has undertaken to consider thoroughly Mrs Dina Gottliebová-Babbitt’s personal historical narrative and current concerns more broadly, as well as her sadly declining health.

I will endeavour to respond to your queries as soon as I can gain reports and an overview on this case anew from my colleagues.

Best wishes,

Bernice Murphy


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