Free Dina’s Art

International Humanitarian Law
June 22, 2009, 11:51 pm
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The 4th Geneva Convention

Among the arguments not yet considered concerning Dina Babbitt’s Auschwitz paintings, are the articles of the 4th Geneva Convention which include the following:

“Art. 46. In so far as they have not been previously withdrawn, restrictive measures taken regarding protected persons shall be cancelled as soon as possible after the close of hostilities.

Restrictive measures affecting their property shall be cancelled, in accordance with the law of the Detaining Power, as soon as possible after the close of hostilities.”

(Article 97)

“…Articles which have above all a personal or sentimental value may not be taken away….”

Please see Dina Babbitt’s video presentation, and decide for yourself whether the portraits in question have any “personal or sentimental value”.

Further on, in article 97, the following admonition appears:

“…On release or repatriation, internees shall be given all articles, monies or other valuables taken from them during internment…”

Unless there is a valid reason to exempt the current Auschwitz establishment from International Humanitarian Law, they are morally and ethically obliged to return Dina Babbitt’s original paintings to her now.


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