Free Dina’s Art


“The great strength of the totalitarian state is that it forces those who fear it, to imitate it.”  ~Adolph Hitler

The officials responsible for keeping Dina Babbitt’s paintings from her imagine themselves to be doing so for the greater good of mankind, via a museum, a ‘collective memory’.  They fear that the Holocaust will be forgotten.  Fear.

In order to brace against this possibility, they commit the same human rights abuse that they claim to decry. Fear taints the noble quest with stupidly righteous blunders.

The association of the Auschwitz State Museum with UNESCO and thereby with the International Council of Museums, obliges the museum and its directors to adhere to certain standards of ethics and institutional morality, standards that are well and clearly defined. There is a distinct discrepancy between the museum’s arbitrary decisions concerning Dina Babbitt’s paintings, and those well-defined standards.

Who actually made these seven watercolour portraits?

Under what conditions were they made?

What person or persons living today can lay greater moral and ethical claim to possess them, than their acknowledged creator?

Who owns the fear that is keeping painter and paintings apart?

Now is the time for the institutions involved to ‘man up’, overcome their fears and Free Dina’s Art.


If you want to practice some active decency here, try this:

Familiarize yourself with the facts of Dina Babbitt’s paintings and her desire to have them returned.

Read a letter from her daughters Michele and Karin, at

Read the online petition(s) and decide for yourself whether to sign.

Write to the Auschwitz Museum and to ICOM to let them know of your interest in Institutions and Human Rights, particularly as they apply to Dina Babbitt’s watercolours.

Tell two of your friends about Dina Babbitt. Tell them to do a web search on Dina Babbitt’s Art.


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How can it be fear motivating the museum when they don’t, for security reasons, even display the originals?

Comment by jonolan

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