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Holocaust Hypocrisy

In early April of 2010, a poor old man in Rome tried to take some of the heat off his boss by comparing the world’s righteous revulsion at Vatican protected pedophilia to the very unrighteous collective rudeness of the Holocaust.

Naturally, this comparison seriously burned some people, particularly those who know the difference between a yarmulke and a Yamaha, and who make it their life’s work to taunt the rest of the world with the fact that some of your ancestors may have done some very bad things to some of their ancestors a long time ago.

That any man could make such a comparison is an outrage worthy of worldwide attention and condemnation according to the poor old geezer’s critics.

Those critics don’t like it when the world is mean to its Jews. Being mean to Jews is bad and it must not be tolerated even in the feeble-minded babblings of an addle-pated old hypocrite in a floor length gown.  So we’d better get the world’s attention and rant about this until someone apologizes and promises never to do it again. If bad things aren’t stopped early and completely, another Holocaust is surely just around the corner.

Personally, I believe it might not be out of order to find someone of that same old man’s generation and ask him or her to give that old man a very brisk slap across the face and tell him to give his head a shake, get a grip on himself (metaphorically), and try to see the light. But I digress…

The true light in all of this is the radiant glow that emanates from the hypocrisy of those same critics of that poor old Vatican babbler. They are shocked, SHOCKED (apparently) that such an idea could be uttered by someone in such a position.  The thoughts of what some might call a powerless old fool are too hurtful to be put into words and spoken aloud.

And yet, the actions of the International Auschwitz Council are not the least bit offensive when they demonstrate the need for the curtailment of Jewish Human Rights in order to benefit their museum and so, to keep the members of the IAC in their highly respectable positions on ‘the Council’. The arbitrary decision of the IAC to deny Dina Babbitt her Human Rights, to keep her property for their own shows a pitiable congruence to the thinking of Dr Josef Mengele who first promulgated the so far very successful notion that the State’s work undertaken at Auschwitz is, and always will be, more important than the Human Rights of any Jew.

But, according to the practices and policies of the International Auschwitz Council, that’s the way it is, and no old loon in a dress is allowed to pretend that the evil done to his boss is anywhere near as bad as the evil we re currently allowed to inflict on anyone we choose as long as they are Jewish and used to live (rent free) at Auschwitz.

Sometimes, I’m afraid that I’m the only person on earth who sees the stupidity in what well organized groups of people are willing and even anxious to do to one another just so they can call themselves thoughtful humanitarians.


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