Free Dina’s Art

An Auschwitz Tradition

ICOM Code 2.4 – Collection Techniques Shouldn’t Be Evil

Does genocide involve the intentional destruction of human habitat? What about the human species itself? Here is ICOM’s position on the collection of artifacts in such a situation: (once again, emphasis has been added)

“2.4  Objects and Specimens from Unauthorised or Unscientific Fieldwork

Museums should not acquire objects where there is reasonable cause to believe their recovery involved unauthorised or unscientific fieldwork, or intentional destruction or damage of monuments, archaeological or geological sites, or of species and natural habitats. In the same way, acquisition should not occur if there has been a failure to disclose the finds to the owner or occupier of the land, or to the proper legal or governmental authorities.”

There is reasonable cause to believe that the Holocaust involved genocide,  is there not?

If you believe that genocide is the intentional destruction of members of the human species, then article 2.4 precludes the acquisition of Dina Babbitt’s art  (assuming you consider a ‘non-Aryan’ a human being).  Dr Mengele and those of his ilk had some issues with that last idea. Most human beings do not.

I would remind the Administrators of the Auschwitz Museum that Dina Babbitt is indeed a very human being. I would further ask them to please break from Auschwitz’ traditional practices now, and start respecting her Human Dignity soon.

Free Dina Babbitt’s Art.  Now, please.


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