Free Dina’s Art

Disheartening News

January 14, 2009

The text of a letter from Dina Babbitt’s daughter, Karin, to the members of the Facebook Group “Return Dina Babbitt’s Paintings”:

“Hello, good people.

I wish I had better news for you. My mother’s health continues to decline slowly and painfully.

The last PT scan showed an increase of nodules in her lungs. She has become the host to several opportunistic viruses as she is on chemo, including a disfiguring rash and a powerful stomach condition.

The museum continues to send letters to those of you who have written saying that my mother does not own the artwork as they were generated under the duress provided by the Nazi Dr. Mengele. In other words, in order for the Polish Government to preserve the status quo of their dubious economy, they continue to hold claim to property coerced from Jews.

My mother has been an American citizen for over sixty years. Can you imagine holding any American citizen hostage for that long? And yet, she diminishes before our eyes, in great pain, humiliated, and still controlled by the Nazi Regime.”

Due to the continued intransigence of  the Museum’s administration, it’s time to go over the Museum Director’s head.


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