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This site is about respect for human rights and human dignity. It’s about the kind of thinking that powered the Holocaust. It is about rejecting evil.

The information accessible from here demonstrates how sadly awry society can run when we allow officials, custodians, curators, and other ‘scholarly’ people to dictate what we as individuals should know, or do, or possess.

When the institution dictates to the individual instead of respecting her, no part of Society is served in any good way.

A CBC Radio 1 broadcast in late 2008, left me so offended by this moral and ethical crime that I fired off a letter of contempt to the Auschwitz Museum. When I realized that I hadn’t checked the facts, but had taken CBC at its word, I did some online digging and found that the situation was every bit as tragic as it seemed, and worse. (Trust CBC, eh? They’re good.)

I searched for Dina Babbitt on Facebook and couldn’t find her, so I started a group called Free Dina’s Art to call attention to the situation. Then, I had a very kind letter from Dina’s daughter thanking me for my efforts. I later discovered that the actual Facebook Group is called Return Dina Babbitt’s Paintings.

So, I urge every decent human being who reads this to join both groups and, more importantly, to write a polite letter to the Auschwitz Museum and the International Council of Museums letting them know that you are aware of the situation and that you, and the world, are watching.

Their e-mail address is: (this link includes a cc: to Dina Babbitt via her site.)

Are you good with a pen? Their 3-D world addresses are:

Panstwowe Muzeum Auschwitz-Birkenau
ul. Wiezniow Oswiecimia 20
32-603 Oswiecim


ICOM Ethics Committee
Maison de l’UNESCO
1, rue Miollis
75732 Paris Cedex 15

If you would include a link to on your own site or blog, more than one person will appreciate your help as an act of defiance against the forces of evil. AND, you would be pushing 7 little pieces of paper one inch closer to being back in the hands that made them physically and spiritually irreplaceable more than 65 years ago.

It is time to Free Dina’s Art.


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