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An Equally Skanky Rebuttal

Here is my own skanky rebuttal to the unconscionable evil spouted by Dr. Piotr M.A.Cywiński, whom some might consider the modern day Beast of Birkenau. The original text of his cowardly form letter is in this text. My equally skanky rebuttal is interspersed in this text.

Dear *_Your Name Will Appear Here_*

In reply to your letter the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in Oświecim
wishes to express…

Wrong! You are NOT the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in Oświecim; you are the 2009 Beast of Birkenau, Guardian and Protector of the goals and tactics of Josef Mengele, the Angel of Death.

…its deep understanding of emotions…

Wrong again! You show no depth at all beyond an incomprehensible depth of Evil; the only understanding you have shown thus far is displayed in your hunger for power, money and self-aggrandizement combined with your utter indifference to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 17 and many others), and the people who are affected by your wicked and wretched intransigence.

…arising from the issue of the watercolors by Mrs. Dina Gottliebova-Babbitt…

Closer, at least. The works ARE by her, which is precisely why they BELONG to her. They are HER property.

and good intentions of people who have been involved in this issue.

What would you know about good intentions? My intentions are merely fair and just. It is the extreme application of your own EVIL deeds that make my intentions appear good, to your morally jaundiced eyes, by comparison.

However, the Museum would like to remark…

The Museum? or it’s avaricious administrator? Try to speak the truth, sir; you shame your parents with your delusional grandeur and self-importance.

that the actual situation does not coincide with the one presented in support letters or some world media.

Indeed. The actual situation does not. It is FAR WORSE than that. Decent people have been trying to hold open the door so that you might re-enter the human race. They have done so for over 35 years, and yet you and your misguided predecessors, refuse to see the light and come through that door.

We would like to draw the attention to the fact that the portraits of Gypsies made in the camp by Mrs. Dina Gottliebova-Babbitt have never been her property.

This vile and shameless assertion is nothing more than your own self-serving opinion. The arbitrary decision made by you and the culturally greedy jackals who preceded you, is in direct contravention of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 17.2 (proclaimed 24 years before your birth, sir) which states, in its entirety: “No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.

They were made on the order and for the use of the SS-Haupsturmfuehrer dr. Joseph Mengele as materials for his pseudo-scientific work on physical resemblance of Gypsies from various countries.

Here, you admit that Mengele’s work was pseudo-scientific. Please read the International Council of Museums’ Code of Ethics for Museums, Article 2.4 – “Objects and Specimens From Unauthorized or Unscientific Fieldwork.” According to that document, you are acting unethically in adding these items to your collections, these and any other objects from “Unscientific Fieldwork”. Therefore, they most surely do NOT belong to you or to the Museum whose goals and mandate are shamed and demeaned in the eyes of all Humanity by your spurious and specious babblings.

Nobody asked for permission the Gypsies who were portrayed and their portraits were made under duress.

The whole world knows they were made under duress. Dina Gottliebova-Babbitt (whom you yourself admit made the portraits) says so in her too compassionate and sympathetic video plea of 2006, to your wretched Tourist Trap at Auschwitz. You bring shame to the commemoration of the Holocaust by continuing its sinful practices both in spirit and in deed.

Watch that video if you dare, and think of your own mother while you do so. Your actions and lack of humanity shame her too, you know.

Therefore we must distinguish between the two basic issues: ownership and copyright to a particular artwork.

Therefore you MUST distinguish…? I think you what you mean to say is, “Therefore, I can see some profit for my company and myself if I am only willing to carry on the Nazi legacy by abusing those people my Nazi mentors abused before me in ignoring their Humanity and denying them their Human Rights, just as I do here and now.

There are no doubts that the latter are owned by Mrs. Dina Gottliebova-Babbitt.

For the entire thinking and feeling world, there are no doubts that you are an institutionalized thief and your goals are merely an attempt at euphemism for thievery and profiteering of the most base order.

Such has been and is the Museum’s position.

Yes. And that’s the problem isn’t it? Lack of Ethics and Absence of Morals – a common trait of weak-minded tyrants and their disciples when they finally manage to weasel their way into positions of perceived authority. The museum has been wrong, and you ARE wrong. Prolonged repetition of a Sin does not make it a virtue.

As a matter of fact Mrs. Gottliebova-Babbitt has never owned these watercolors and thus there is no possibility to return them.

SURPRISE, BUCKO! I have ratted you out to the ICOM Ethics Committee. If that august body supports your odious contention, then they support the logic of your Nazi teachers as well, and this seems a highly unlikely possibility to me. Start packing up those Gypsies my boy, and get the de-accession papers in order. They are on their way home already.

At the moment the watercolors play a very important documentary and educational role as…

examples of how the civilized world views megalomaniacal buffoons and their craven desire to be seen as heroes, even while they behave in the most villainly manner possible.

…a part of the Museum free of charge permanent exhibition in Block 13,

Free of charge? Well, aren’t YOU generous when it comes to passing around someone else’s personal property? Do you give away anything of your own, or have you worked too hard cheating and deceiving and obfuscating in order to protect your own base, profiteering enterprise?

dedicated to the extermination of Sinti and Roma in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.

and to the complete extermination of Human Rights around the world.

These works are also included in various educational projects, publications and research works.

which must bring a pretty penny into your own pockets, no?

The Museum has not made commercial use of these works, because we fully respect the copyright of Mrs. Dina Gottliebova.

Fully? Respect? Sir you are devoid of any trace of the Human attributes of compassion, honesty, or basic human decency. It is clear from the evidence that you fully respect nothing but your own profit in terms of money, power, self-service, and self-importance. You are a sham sir. Put on your Mengele-white lab coat and go back and join your rats in the laboratory. We should all bask in the company of our equals. (And for this tragically accurate comparison I sincerely apologize to every last rat in the world.)

All decisions regarding terms and conditions of using these portraits in various publications, documentaries are made by the author herself.

You lie sir. Her terms and conditions stipulate that the portraits are part of her soul. If she doesn’t acquiesce to your desires, my dear ‘Beppo’, she may never hope to see them again. Is that your game? So sorry. You lose. Ask the ICOM Ethics Committee. She has gained absolutely nothing from your holding her works hostage. Absolutely nothing.

Considering the moral basis,

How can you put those four words on paper without your keyboard bursting into flames?

the Museum agrees…

The Museum? Don’t you mean SS-Haupsturmfuehrer dr. Joseph Mengele and his obedient collaborator of the 21st Century?

with the opinion expressed by the International Auschwitz Council,

which is comprised of yourself and a few sniveling underlings who fear for their positions if they disagree with you, mein ‘Beppo’. (Your shabby, intellectually masturbatory and self-serving biography is available online. Remember?)

Roma circles and former prisoners.

Oh yes? I know of one former and continuing prisoner who might disagree with you there. And she owns some portraits of Roma persons who might also have found your smarmy self-confidence disturbingly reminiscent of that of your predecessors and mentors, the entire Nazi regime.

We believe that documents such as these watercolors must not become ordinary objects for private use.

With this one sentence, you call into doubt your own claim to Humanity. Either you are a pompous and unconscionable pig, or you are so pitiably raised as to make you unfit for human company by your evident failure to grasp the most basic concept of ethical values. Neither prospect is admirable, but both are demonstrated by your presumptuous arrogance.

You are not a “We”, your Majesty. You are merely one, single, unfathomably dull and overbearing man. The woman who made these pieces suffered in making them 30 years before you were even born, and has suffered supreme anguish since their rediscovery, back when you were a one year old child filling diapers with the same intellectual material you offer here. You arrogant moral cretin! How dare you offer any comment toward their being made ordinary? These are, and will always be, SACRED objects, imbued with a human value that creatures such as yourself will never be able to appreciate if you were to live a thousand years. This sentence marks you forevermore as a crude, insensitive tool of the Nazi Regime, a regime whose name and goals will never die so long as you live to wave so callously, the banner of ignorance, arrogance and self-indulgence.

Otherwise the small amount of surviving evidence of genocide and original artifacts, could be dispersed and the authentic sites of persecution would be deprived of its unique and < BR>> universal significance.

Your own warped and twisted sense of morality, as displayed by your attitude and words, discredits everything you claim to espouse. You wrap yourself in the blanket of past offenses against humanity as if to protect yourself from ever having to be seen for the moral and ethical clown that you are.

These watercolors depicting Gypsies who perished in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp contribute significantly to…

your own sense of what you seem to believe that history owes you. But history owes you nothing! It is YOU who are in debt. You owe Dina Gottliebova-Babbitt her Dignity and Respect as a HUMAN BEING, and her Human Rights under the UN Declaration, clearly concepts that are inaccessible to your narrow mind, now apparently rendered feeble by a too intense focus on your own evil goals and self-serving desires for recognition as something you are not – a decent person.

…commemorate and increase the awareness of the mass murder of Sinti and Roma and therefore all victims of genocide.

..such as Dina Gottliebova-Babbitt? Or does she remain just another expendable Jew, unworthy of respect for her experiences in the face of your own superior education? Beside the true victims of the holocaust, your stance in this matter makes only yourself appear as a dog, skulking around a human abattoir in hopes of snacking on the dead. I feel that I dirty myself by even sending thoughts of common decency in your direction.

In this case the opinion of the Roma organizations is univocal

You speak for Roma organizations too? How multivocal of you, to so proudly speak the desires of the millions that stand behind you. Shameful, Piotr M. A. Cywiński. To call on the voices of the dead to defend you in your evil goal of denying this woman her property and her Human Rights, is shameful in the highest degree. I can smell the stink of your rotting moral fibre all the way to North America.

and to keep the watercolors in the Museum is the question of priority.

If that is the question, Piotr M. A. Cywiński , the answer is clear and unequivocal. The answer is “NO!”

Thus, they should remain at the site, where they were created,

says you, in your most arbitrary manner – in contravention of the proclaimed and written conventions of humanity. They should instead, remain in the hands by which they were created.

where they speak most loudly and play the role of the evidence of crime,

It is true they are indeed evidence of crime, but the crime is of your own doing, of yours and your Nazi dreams of keeping the Jews forever in the dark of Auschwitz. Wouldn’t that please your ego? How you must suffer for those poor Jewish people, and what would one old Jew woman know about suffering, compared to the studied background of a 37 year-old doctor of Humanities?

which cannot be replaced with a copy.

What utter garbage! They are already replaced by copies. No one sees the true originals but you and some self-important curators who seem to believe that only you and your fearful henchmen can say what is good for the world and for Society. You and the Nazis.

Watch your back, Piotr M.A. Cywiński; one of those millions who stand behind you will one day stab you in the back as he seeks, like yourself, to raise his own feeble sense of self-esteem by causing pain and hurt to anyone less powerful than himself. Especially, keep an eye on the “Doctors” They seem to be the source of all the pain and anguish that emanates from your Amusement Park of Death. They, like yourself, are the ones who would without a second thought deliver a slap across the face to a fragile aging woman who seeks only the return of her rightful belongings. I sincerely hope and pray that your own mother is never treated in a manner as hate-filled and callous as that in which you have thus far treated Dina Gottliebova-Babbitt.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Piotr M.A.Cywiński
Museum Director

With only the sincerest of contempt and pity for your inexorable stranglehold on the title, “The Beast of Birkenau, 2009,”

I remain very sincerely,

Tim Thibeault

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Never have my own thoughts and feelings been expressed so eloquently as in this response by Tim. I feel that he can see into our hearts and records the beats.

Comment by Karin Babbitt

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